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Thank you so much for all your support for this event. We love putting together this event to benefit the Marcus Autism Center at Children's Healthcare. This event is one day where a tournament is about more than just softball. We are excited to see how much we can raise this year! 

T-shirt pre-order forms will be out soon.


February 26, 2022

Turner Lake Park

March 5, 2022

Earl O'Neal, Turner Lake, Stone Rd

March 19, 2022

Bethesda Park, Gwinnett Parks

March 26, 2022

Earl O'Neal Sports Complex

April 23, 2022

Turner Lake, Stone Rd, Lanier Point, Others

April 30, 2022

Earl O'Neal, Turner Lake, Stone Rd

May 7, 2022

Bethesda Park, Gwinnett Parks

May 14, 2022

Earl O'Neal Sports Complex

May 21, 2022

Turner Lake Park, Stone Rd Complex

June 11, 2022

South Gwinnett Park

June 18, 2022

Earl O'Neal Sports Complex

June 25, 2022

South Gwinnett Park

About Us

Metro Atlanta Fastpitch is proud of the product we provide our teams. Both Randy and Kemp coached travel ball for many years and we approach all our decisions thinking about what we would want if it were our girls we were choosing for.  

We are always the onsite directors at our events. While we may not be at your site when we have multi-park events, we train and rely on our Tournament Directors, like Laurie Cook and Laney Crawford, to resolve issues as if they were us.  If they aren’t sure, we are just a park and a phone call away. 

We create the event schedules. Some directors farm out their game scheduling to outside schedulers. That’s fine in an impersonal national championship, but not a local event. We invest the time to make certain our events are fair and every team walks away feeling they had a good schedule and great competition.  Oh yeah, you know those events where you play the 8AM game and your next game is at 2PM.  Not with us! By investing the time, we can prevent those horrendous schedules. That’s why we do what we do!

We care about our teams!!! This point encompasses too much to explain in a paragraph. Let’s leave it at the fact that we get to know each team and what THEY are trying to accomplish.  Are you preparing your kids for college or helping them make their high school team? Is your plan to make a great showing at the USFA World Series or are you preparing to showcase your girls? Are you happy with your team or are you trying to build a dynasty? Are you an expert coach or could you use some help understanding rules and tourney structure? We will learn your goals and needs, and we will help you get there.